It was a perfect destination for our family on the Road to Hana. With a boy who easily gets car sick, we knew we wouldn’t be able to complete the whole Road to Hana. So, we set our goal to make it to the Garden of Eden and we had a wonderful time exploring. The variety of plants was outstanding along with the views! We even had a peacock join us for our picnic lunch. Be sure and allow time to explore the grounds. It was worth every penny in our opinion.


The beauty and views are incredible. There is no better place to see all the tropical vegetation of Maui and they display it in such a careful and curated way. Every spot is a photographer’s dream.


As a horticulturist I fell in love with this spot. I make it a must stop upon my annual return to Maui. This place is an easy hike for all. The grounds are beautifully maintained and the views are breathtaking. Take your friends and family.


I love this place. It is a great break on the drive to Hana. The plants are beautiful and the trails are well groomed and relaxing to walk around. It feels like you are in the jungle and the identification plaques help you to understand a little about what you are seeing. It is an impressive place.