Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do weddings at your venue?





Not currently. Maui County does not allow weddings on agriculturally zoned lands. 

Another option is doing a photoshoot in our gardens in wedding attire, we have great backdrops!


Are drones allowed?
Not presently.
Are the trails stroller/wheelchair accessible?

Our trails consist of packed gravel. Some of the trails are more level than others. We advise you to use your discretion on individual paths. Our trail map delineates most gentle terrain.

Do you have real bathrooms?
Yes, as of May 2015 we have opened brand new restrooms that are maintained daily.
What is the height clearance of the entry?

We have a 9′ 2″ clearance at our entry gate. If you have a taller vehicle or camper attachment, please park at the cafe parking located near the entry (base of the exit lane,) and walk up the entry lane for admittance into the Garden.


Do we need tennis shoes?
We encourage our visitors to bring comfortable walking shoes, however, it is not critical. Weather conditions vary here in the rainforest. Tennis shoes would allow you more versatility while exploring our grounds. In total, we offer 2 ½ miles of walking trails- only a few would be considered rigorous.
Are there picnic areas?
Yes! We encourage you to bring a packed lunch or pick something up from the Garden Cafe food truck (located at the entrance) and find a suitable area within the garden you would like to picnic. We have several beautiful pavilions with picnic tables overlooking Pu’ohokamoa Waterfall, Keopuka Rock (ocean view- opening scene of Jurassic Park), and the orchard.
Is this park privately owned and operated?
Yes, we are a family owned and operated business. National park passes will not work here.
If we come in at 4:00pm, how long can we stay?

For safety reasons, we ask that all guests exit the Garden by 6:30 as that is when maintenance begins with tractors and loud machinery.

If we come in in the morning, can we come back later on the same day?

Yes, your entrance fee grants all day admission. You must keep your receipt to show to the attendant.

How far is it to Hana from the Garden of Eden?
Roughly an hour and fifteen minutes, 26 miles.
Is this the Ke’anae Arboretum?
No, the Ke’anae Arboretum is located at mile marker 16.5.
How bad are the mosquitos?
This is dependent on how susceptible you are to being bit. Remember, you are exploring the rain forest. Their presence largely depends on weather conditions. We advise you to bring repellent with you, or purchase some at the gatehouse if you are concerned.
Is there cell reception on your property?
There are areas within the Park where you may have cell reception (dependent upon your carrier). Hana Highway in general has spotty reception.
What are the weather conditions typically?

Weather conditions are largely dependent upon whether you are visiting in a winter or summer month. We are located in the rainforest squall zone; passing rainfall is to be expected, and difficult to forecast. Many of our main overlooks offer covered pavilions in addition to numerous rain shelters located throughout the park. We sell $2 lightweight ponchos at the gatehouse. Mornings tend to be wetter.

Often, in Kona conditions, when it is cloudy or wet on the “sunny side” (south and west), it is often sunny and calm at the Garden, as this puts us in the lee. You are welcome to call us on the day of your visit (808) 572-9899.

How much time should we set aside to spend in the garden?
We recommend you spend a minimum of 30 minutes. On average people spend anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. Some choose to spend their whole day here. It is really based upon what appeals to you. Photographers and those studying our plants and labels may spend many hours.
Are there discounts available?

Discounts only apply to full fare ($20) guests. Discounts are limited to one per guest. With a Military ID, or Student College ID, admission is reduced from $20 to $15 ($5 off). AAA discounts are limited to one per vehicle and are not applicable with any other available discounts ($5 off total bill with AAA card). Group discounts apply to vehicles with five or more adults per car  ($5 off/pp, $15/adult). Kama’aina adult admission is 25% off with a valid HI ID or HI Drivers License ($15/adult.)



Is the drive-through option the same price?

Yes, we encourage you to enter the garden with the intent of getting out a time or two. Many of those who visit spend additional time photographing our wide range of botanical wonders, and enjoying expansive views of the ocean and valleys below, as well as exclusive views of Pu’ohokamoa Falls.

It would not be a good investment on your part to enter with the mindset of “get in, get out.” : ) The Hana Hwy is about the journey, not the destination.

Why is there an admission fee $20/adult?

Our 30 acre botanical garden is a very well maintained, safe, and educational driving and walking experience for all ages. We offer 2 ½ miles of well-maintained walking paths, with scenic one-of-a-kind valley, ocean, and waterfall views. We receive no public funding. Your admission fee pays for the workers and cost of maintaining this one of a kind beautification project.

Many hiking trails along the Hana highway are not maintained or well marked, as well as dangerous during the frequent rain showers that occur in East Maui. Our garden and paths are maintained so that those of varying outdoor experience can enjoy all the garden has to offer, rain or shine. Many of the parking areas along the Hana Highway are known as areas where vehicle break-ins occur, and we are proud to offer our guests a safe environment to explore in, without the worry of a possible theft while on vacation.

We offer scenic pavilions perfect for picnics and relaxation as well as an educational visitor’s center with maintained restrooms.  The entry fee into the garden helps us maintain our roads, trails, and add additional features to the garden.

Is the venue available for photo shoots?
Yes, please contact us in advance for details.
Can we swim in the waterfall?
No, this presents a huge liability for us, and often times, weather can lead to flash flooding. If you wish to access Puohokamoa Waterfall, contact Rappel Maui
Are dogs allowed on property?

Unfortunately not as we have our own animals on property (peacocks and ducks). Thank you for your understanding.